Shower Drain Repair in Mambaling Cebu

27 Jan 2017

A severely clogged drain. Old pipe needed to be dug out and replaced. Unfortunately, the owner could not find matching tiles. So, we gave him white concrete but nice and smooth and draining properly.


Toilet, Tile and Shower Repair in Talisay, Cebu

4 Oct 2016

This is a residential plumbing project. The homeowner had defective and clogged pipes in the walls. Tiles had to be broken up. The floor had to be opened up. New piping, tiles, shutoff valves for the shower and toilet and a new water heater were installed along with a new cabinet and mirror.

Clog Drain Cebu Plumber

Severely Clogged Main Drain Line

21 Jun 2016

We were called out to repair a clogged drain and were unable to get our snake into the line at all. The clog was severe. It was hardened waste and water solids and could not be cleared. So, we quickly dug up the foundation and removed the entire drain line from the house to the septic tank. In this photo, Arit shows a section of the clogged drain.

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Repaired Waste Line in Banilad

8 Apr 2016
We had to cut a hole in the wall to expose the leaking pipes. We cut out the broken sections. Then we snaked and unclogged the drain. After it was clear and clean, we rebuilt the pipe and sealed it with strong epoxy.

Residential Tile Repair in Lahug, Cebu

2 Feb 2016
Large ceramic tiles buckling from rainwater damage on a patio terrace at a home in Lahug, Cebu. We had to pull up the damaged tiles, regrout and replace them. We were able to salvage the old tiles. So, it was not so expensive and we didn't have to worry about matching up the color and style.

Clogged Toilet Repair for Isuzu in Cebu

2 Feb 2016
We were called to unclog a severely stopped up toilet for the Isuzu dealership in Mandaue City, Cebu. There was a lot of toilet paper and human waste on the floor. We cleaned it up and unclogged the drain. Here are some pictures!

Water line and faucet repair

25 Sep 2015

This customer needed a new water line and faucet installed. It required for us to dig into the wall and underground. We patched it all up like new. These photos show how it looks during the repair and after the faucet is installed and patched up.

Cebu Plumber new water line and faucetCebu Faucet Repair